Hello and welcome to Fleur et Ours: the online fabric and haberdashery shop. 

And hello from me, Kayleigh! I am the person behind the shop and the sewing machine. 

This page is an opportunity to get a closer look at the shop and me, hopefully I answer a few questions along the way.

I set up Fleur et Ours in 2021, having initially fallen head over heels in love with quilting cottons; I wanted a shop that stocks beautiful, modern quilting cottons and delivers all orders in plastic free packaging. It was and still is important to me that every effort is made to reduce plastic on our planet.

You will also find this in the fabrics I select too. I do not stock poly fabrics, even deadstock and overstock. Poly fabrics can serve a purpose, but by not stocking them I feel I am at least reducing some of the large scale demand. You can shop safe in the knowledge that your fabrics are not poly blends! 

Soon after starting the business I found some beautiful deadstock wholesalers, and started my dressmaking fabric journey too. I love to sew my own clothes, and I am sure I am not alone in loving quilting and me-made garments, so here is a space where you can find both! 

In 2022 I began running pop up shops and in 2023 I briefly opened a bricks and mortar shop in Harwich, Essex – North of Colchester. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t quite right so I made the decision to go back to Pop Up shops, but this time with a difference. I began offering sewing classes and workshops including dressmaking, quilt block club, the Sewcials, crochet, English Paper Piecing and a few more. You can find more on these here.

Of course there is much more to the story, I have met fantastic pattern designers and haberdashery crafters along the way and am proud to say support their business by stocking their fantastic products. And I had a life before Fleur et Ours, but I’ll save that for the blog. For now I will leave you with one more mystery demystified:

Why “Fleur et Ours”? It sums up my loves, my children: Flower and Bear, the French language and sewing (the shop itself). 

Enjoy shopping with Fleur et Ours, if you ever want to get in touch you can by going to the “Contact Us” page or find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Or, visit me at the next Pop Up shop in Dewsbury Rooms, Dovercourt, Essex

Kayleigh x