The bits I couldn’t include on the About Us page…

Writing an About Us page is really tricky…

I want to sound professional and on brand, but actually, the biggest thing about me and about Fleur et Ours is I just want to be real. In fact, I am quite sure my branding is very much a work in progress, and well, my work in progress pile looks a lot like a mountain, I’d much rather be sewing or making something…so much to create, so little time.

But I really loved the idea of writing a blog, and maybe let’s start with me oversharing a little bit? Start with something I know pretty well, me, the person behind the business, being a bit honest, a bit normal, a bit human and a bit candid.

Sewing facts: I sew with a pfaff I bought second hand, and only had my first overlocker last Christmas which is a second hand Singer, I love them both. I buy fabric, I stash fabric, I don’t like to cut fabric because my brain says “no.” I can only imagine it believes I will get bored or make a mistake, or both. I’m a very impatient sewist! Don’t mistake this for a lack of SewJo, it is very much my personality type and the way my brain works. I just want to create a LOT, yesterday. I’m not very good at sewing for my children, by the time I get around to sewing for them, they’ve grown!

Favourite quote: “Perfect is the opposite of good”, it serves as a great reminder to stop striving for the unobtainable, basically it brings me back to Earth!

Personal stuff: Some odd facts about me, I’m impulsive, I have never watched the Notebook or P.S. I love you, I never intend to, but I cannot get enough of You’ve Got Mail, I could definitely fall in love over old school email. My current box set binge is Ugly Betty. I used to be a television extra and worked on Call the Midwife, Endeavour and some things I’ve embarrassingly forgotten the name of. I got to spend two days filming on a Commune that Mick Jagger lived in and before that was Ian Flemings childhood home. I love a dress, a big one, because you’re dressed immediately. I used to sing, I auditioned for the Voice, possibly twice, both times, utterly tragic. I used to live a few doors down from Olly Murs’ parents. I saw him once, it was a Sunday morning, I was newly single, and I looked an absolute mess; I lost all ability to drive my car whilst just staring open mouthed at him. I dropped out of College and went straight into work at 17, it was a lot more fun. Weirdest craving while pregnant? Brushing my teeth, the more toothpaste the better. I don’t like Saunas, I find it hard to breathe.

Thank you for reading my first blog post, that I have actually written, for the website.

Kayleigh x

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