Zero Waste Sewing by Elizabeth M Haywood


Are you looking for a new sewing adventure?

Patternmaker and sewing teacher Elizabeth Haywood offers 16 wearable projects, cleverly designed to use 100% of the fabric, with no scraps or waste.’

Zero Waste sewing, whether you have already begun your journey to a sustainable wardrobe or are just setting out, I would highly recommend adding Elizabeth Haywood to your sewing library. A well known name in both the Zero Waste and sewing community, Elizabeth has easy to follow instructions, illustrations and how to’s packed into this book.

-16 Patterns

– Size inclusivity, most of these projects can be made to fit any size

– Dimensions: 20.3cmx25.4cmx1cm

– Weight: 400g

-144 Pages

For a stylish and sustainable wardrobe, this book makes the perfect addition to any sewists ‘library’ of pattern books.

Dispatching from Friday 8th October

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