Patterntrace – Makers Workbook – Sewing


Gorgeous workbooks that marry a love for stationery and a practical workbook, keeping a record of each project. Both quilting and sewing books are available from Fleur et Ours.

Our current range of Sewing Workbooks contain:

Contents for easy lookups on sewn makes, past, present and future!

Design your future makes, pages of squared paper female body forms to help keep your designs safe on paper for ‘next time..’ or for those instagram design competitions!

Plan your next sewing project, the ideal space for a shopping list! Keep a record of the sewing patterns you have at home, what fabric and haberdashery they require and then use this as a handy shopping list. There’s also room to list your stashed fabrics and their sizes, sometimes writing them down helps to plan!

Sewing reference, an invaluable guide, including a breakdown on the various types of sewing machine needle for your fabric (no more snagging!) and lots more.

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