Sew Inspire Me – Bold Solids

Dopamine Dressing, what is it? A style, a step out of your comfort zone, dressing in colours and textures that awaken your senses. Essentially, dress in a way that makes you happy. And it seems in 2022 this way of dressing is proving popular, we are starting to shake off the inhibition that “colourful” is just for children.

I think now in a time when things have felt tough, and if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, a bit grey, adding bright, bold colours into the world is a little bit of a rebellious, but much needed, act.

Whether you choose to colour block, or colour match, the outcome in my opinion is mood heightening, and that’s the point isn’t it? To wear something that makes us smile, and hopefully those around us too.

Another great factor with the solids is simple style works a wonder. So whether you are a beginner sewist or you’ve sewn up some pretty mindbending patterns, there is something for everyone. Often understated style patterns like Zero Waste dresses from Birgitta Helmersson or Cris Wood, work a treat, their strong silhouettes match solid colours with impact – you may be able to spot a couple in the collages at the top.

Spread a bit of joy, wear bright, bold solids!

Instagram inspiration: @rachaelrenae, @knitmo, @ageingcolourfully, @sifatbhatia,, @agata.ebbutt, @selfassemblyrequired, @queer.sewist, @karinsklanningsarkiv, @casaralat, @pinkorangevintage, @charlottesustainablestyle